Thank You to All the Applicants for Shadows over Vathak Line Developer

Hello All,

Only two short weeks ago, we posted this blog talking about how we were looking for a Shadows over Vathak Line Developer. And in those two weeks we've had a number of very strong applicants -- so thank you everyone that applied.

The Fattest Goblin and myself are reviewing these now in detail, and then consulting what Old Ones we hold sacred for divine inspiration --  and we'll be reaching out to the potential LD's we need to for follow ups. Expect to hear our announcement of whom we've chosen very soon, and then they'll be blogging for us and letting you know all about the latest and the greatest in Vathak as soon as we can get them up to speed!

Thank you everyone! 

In the mean-time, check out Fat Goblin Games' latest entertainment:


Roll & Move Boardgame: Dungeon of Kar-Kass the Dragon is a fun and simple game where you roll the dice and move a token, follow the directions on the space you land, and try and be the first to the finish.

This is just a fun little project for you to collect, enjoy the nostalgia, and play with friends and family.

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