Two New Lines that Take on Darker Themes

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So The Janitor has returned from his government-imposed exile, but we've been busy in his absence and The Fattest Goblin has gotten two new lines worth of book materials released!

The Dread Codex

The Dread Codex line will be used to feature those products from Fat Goblin Games that, even if they might have fit a different line, are thematically similar by tying together mostly world-generic but strongly Evil (capital E) materials, like our first book in the line, The Warlock.

The lure of power is a siren call, singing to the downtrodden and oppressed, the outcast and the exiled. The dregs of society hunger for power; the power to destroy their oppressors, to take vengeance upon those who cast them out, and make a new, better place for themselves in the world. Yet those who have it are not immune to its wiles. Men of wealth and stature, already of great power, ever crave more. They seek the power to subjugate, to dominate and control beyond their wildest dreams. Others seek power for a nobler cause, looking to protect and heal the innocent and defenseless. Whatever the goal, the result is always the same when a man seeks to take a shortcut on the road to power. Dreadful entities seek mortal vessels to spread their agendas, and they offer incredible power in exchange for obedience, a price many mortals are all too willing to pay.

Role: The warlock serves a unique role in a party, as he is similar to a traditional spellcaster and yet altogether something else. A warlock’s invocations offer some out of combat utility, but most lend themselves for use on the battlefield. Warlocks specialize in abilities that allow them to deal damage over time and over a wide area, as well as debilitating foes with status effects. Their eldritch blast is also able to deliver consistent, if moderate for their level, damage to single foes, and can be altered to inflict status effects and hit multiple foes.

The main powers then of the warlock class will center on the their Pacts with powerful beings...

Pact: A warlock comes into his power by forging a pact with a dark and mysterious entity, binding himself to its will in exchange for arcane might. A warlock’s pact has several effects:
• A warlock’s pact determines the type of damage dealt by his eldritch blast.
• It determines the warlock’s elemental resistances and the type of his damage reduction.
• Each pact has a number of invocations only available to warlocks who have taken that pact.
• Each pact has a particular alignment. The warlock does not have to match this alignment, but no matter what his actual alignment, he will detect only as his pact’s alignment, and is affected by alignment-based effects as if that were his true alignment.
Finally, a warlock begins play with a bonus invocation based on his chosen pact. This initial invocation is in addition to the 1 invocation known at first level.

  • Arcane Pact
  • Draconic Pact
  • Elemental Pact
  • Fey Pact
  • Infernal Pact
  • Necrotic Pact
  • Shadow Pact
  • Temporal Pact

A warlock may forge a pact with any number of horrible entities, but most fall into one of several categories; as such, the pacts described below are the most common, but they are by no means the only pacts possible.

Return to the Return of Drow Line

Our Return of the Drow line is one that has existed for quite some time:

But Jeffrey Swank has taken on the following task with his new take on the drow in his Dominions subline.

Drow have existed in this spider-worshipping, matriarchal, quasi-dominatrix niche for decades. So if I was going to touch on the drow I wanted it to be inspired and fresh—a reinvention. I also wanted to give those fans of the more traditional drow expanded material. What is contained in this line is my attempt at that intention. 

The first book in the line Dominions: Darkwood Enfold, features a group of drow that have evolved and diverged from the prototypical dark elf. These drow are of neutral alignment and are immersed in a culture of fey magic, ghosts, and symbolism of their Moon Goddess.

And the book focuses on different aspects of the drow, the World-Below, its setting, locations, races, magic items and general adventuring in exotic world of the World-Below. Dominions books not only includes new locations, but also introduces additional rules for variant subtypes of drow, feats, racial traits and classes.
The locations in this book are designed to be stand-alone and world-neutral. You can integrate them into an ongoing campaign as individual points of interest, or use all the locations together as one well-developed region.

Arguably my favorite thing from the book is an excellent image by the Fattest Goblin Himself of a little girl in a field -- it stands is such stark contrast to your expectations of "the drow."

But don't be tricked by her innocent look, there is always a darkness when you come from the World-Below, and if you don't find it at first -- keep looking for those shadow pact warlocks!

And keep your eyes open for the next book in the series from Jeffrey, Dominions: Selenight

The selenight drow are drow that evolved within crystalline caves. Incorporating crystals into their magic, armor, constructions.

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