Old School Gaming

Often the Classic & "Old School" Way is Best!

Often the Classic & "Old School" Way is Best!

Hello All,

So -- tonight's blog is late. 

The simple reason for this is that my old beast of a computer died last week, and it took till just these past few days to finally set up my "new" replacement. That older computer I purchased something like 7 years ago for when I started graduate school (also, as an wedding gift to ourselves as we got married the same week I started my Master's program), and it served us very well for all these years.

But it died. As in "push the button and nothing happens" so its totally gone. And with it went 7+ years worth of processes. In particular, though I saved 99% of my content, I lost the programs and the key accesses etc. I had to all the 'things' I used day-to-day on that computer, especially for this kind of thing.

And so, when I wanted to do a few "simple" tasks on this "new" computer, running a "new" operating system (Windows 10 instead of Win 7), I had to learn all "new" tricks. For instance, it took a bit for me to realize that while it was an official Adobe "app" for my Win 10 system, and even after updating it etc., it still didn't have all the versatility of the copy of the more complete suite of Adobe products I had on my old computer, and this app even lacked some of the basics I could get by going through the trouble downloading the ACTUAL Adobe Reader DC program etc. 

Needless to say, a few extra hours of "monkeying around" went into doing what should have been a quick and easy "preview" blog. 


Today, I want to talk to you about dragons, and how you can never get enough of them!

Sinister Serpents: New Forms of Dragonkind is our latest OSR/Labyrinth Lord compatible product from Derek Holland, author of other great hits from Fat Goblin Games in the Old School Gaming category like Basalisk Goggles & Wishing Wells: An Old School Esoterica.

In Sinister Serpents you will find over 35+ varieties of dragonkind, like:

Armory Dragon
Ash Dragon
Black Vein
Branch Walker
Crimson Stalk
Diamond Scale
Dream Dragon
Eclipse Dragon
Embryonic Dragon
Fort Dragon
IronIce Dragon
Land Wyrm
Lunar Dragon
Mad Brewer
Mine Wyrm
Moss Dragon
Net Breaker
Oasis Lord
Pit Dragon
Port Dragon

Prism Dragon

Puzzle Master
Pyramid Dragon
Sculptor Wyrm
Slime Dragon
Smoke Dragon
Spirit Talker
Star Eater
Stench Scale
Sun Dragon
Tide Dragon
Twig Dragon
Word Dragons
* Sigil Dragon
* Styx Dragon
Avian Dragons
* Finch Dragon
* Hawk Dragon
* Owl Dragon
* Vulture Dragon

And to give you a clear idea of what you'll find, check out these three wonderful beasts...

The Armory Dragon

The Moss Dragon

The Twig Dragon


But Derek isn't Fat Goblin Game's only partner in creating OSR products, oh no -- we also have our imprint Dark Naga Adventures!

Dark Naga previously released the Ks-supported The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil (which was well received by Endzeitgeist!) and its Sidequest.

But if you act NOW you can support The Dark Naga's latest Kickstarter -- The Buried Zikurat!! <only running for 48 more hours!!>

The project has already hit its funding goal for an OSR release, BUT if it can raise just enough $100 or so, it unlocks an entire additional set of stretch goals!

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