Be Astonished by Our New Writer's Take on the Eternal Samsarans! (Edited with Bio)

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The Janitor now manages all the "Race books" here at Fat Goblin Games, from our Racial Ecologies line about "new and original" races to the Astonishing Race line, which focuses on established ones, and on a host of unpublished idea-lines we hope to develop (with all that free time).

Carrying on a great line of under appreciated races!

And so, I don't know our newest writer, Kim Frandsen, well, but I have gotten to chat with him (yes, Kim is a male) a bit and I know he's from Denmark and once upon a time worked for Blizzard (and I think is married to an Irish EDIT: English woman). BUT the quality of his work shined through from the moment his new book first graced my inbox:

 EDIT -- After posting this, Kim was kind enough to write up a biography for me to post:

Danish and residing in Denmark, Kim has travelled the world and worked with many different things, including a 7+ year history in Danish gaming stores. He is married to an English woman and spend his freetime with her, their daughter and their lazy Basset Hound. (Owning a Basset Hound has made him very enthusiastic about this particular breed, his spirit animal).
Most of his writing happens on the train, going to and from his day-job and on the weekends he turns into a benevolent Game Master, continually irritated at his group for doing the unexpected.

I've been a fan of the samsaran, which get them name -- I assume -- from the Buddhist concept of Saṃsāra, "the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound", since they were introduced in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide.They might have come to that book from "some place else" but they are easily one of my most favorite races in that book. 

BUT, in the ARG they only get a very brief bit of coverage -- but now, thanks to Kim, we much deeper and larger look at this interesting race!

Harmony and balance in all things is what the samsaran strive toward, as dictated by their very nature.
Being reborn multiple times and able to recall fragments of past lives, samsarans are wise beyond their years, ancient beings in young bodies. Due to this, and their unique relationship with death, they are often misunderstood, if not shunned and ostracized, by the people that surround them in their everyday lives. As such they are often lonely and this loneliness and solitude often see them on the path to adventure, where they find acceptance and companionship among other unique individuals.
Samsarans do not enjoy being the center of attention, but their wisdom, knowledge and unique perspective often find them as consultants and advisers to the people who do enjoy these things. Most samsarans aim for a quiet life, spending their time in contemplation of the harmony they wish to achieve, studying the world around them and maintaining tranquility in their communities. Their natural inclinations, beyond those of consultants and advisers, also lead them into scholarly pursuits of both knowledge and magic, though rarely for the power that either of these bring.
Communities existing exclusively of samsarans are almost unheard of, due partly to their rarity and partly due to the inability to predict when a samsaran is born, but some monasteries and esoteric orders have arisen that only accept samsarans, or those seeking the same harmony as the samsarans themselves do. Instead samsarans find themselves a home among the society in which they were born or among adventurers. Some do of course prefer solitude, becoming known as wise hermits that do not like to have their peace disturbed.


Kim introduces some fun takes on the samsaran and some new, interesting magic items like the seasonal staff or planar astrolabe, and some variant heritages for samsaran trapped in the cycle of life, as well as class archetypes like the alternate wizard Architect of Fate or Flamehawk Rider cavalier archetype!

So give these perfect members of Blue Man Group a chance to impress you along with our new writer -- I'm sure you'll be seeing more from Kim in the near future!

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