Introducing Landon Winkler -- New Line Developer for Shadows over Vathak

Hello All,

It is my great pleasure to be able to introduce to you all today -- Landon Winkler, the new Line Developer for Shadows over Vathak!

You may recall our job posting some weeks ago. Well, we had quite a few applicants but from that Battle Royale, Landon has emerged our victor.

This past week has been an intense week of trying to get him up to speed, and introducing him to the way we do things here at Fat Goblin Games. With the release of the Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide, we said goodbye to John Bennett as our former Line Developer (though he'll still be writing occasionally for us, as often at least as we can get him away from Paizo development!), and so it was time to take on a new lead for the line.

If you're an avid fan of Pathfinder Society play, you may already know our Landon...

Here's his quick Bio

Landon kicked off GMing in elementary school with Alien-inspired body horror, but has mellowed with regular doses of Lovecraft and Chambers since then. He GMs two to four times a week now, honing those skills on a diverse group of players.
He's freelanced sporadically since the 3.5 era with companies like Zenith Games, Mongoose Publishing, Silven Publishing, and Paizo. He'd like to apologize if he killed any of your characters during that stretch.
Landon is also lead developer for the web games Metroplexity and Twilight Heroes under Metroplexity Games.

About his web games...

Metroplexity is a free browser roleplaying game set in the city of Metroplex in the near future. The city is a dark place, with corporations and gangs fighting for resources, leaving only scraps for the rest of society.

You are an enforcer and protector for one small corner of Metroplex. Your life and the entire city are about to be torn apart by strange circumstances surrounding the drug Eclipse. Are you ready?

You can see a full list of Landon's writing credits here, but as I know all to well, your efforts "behind the scenes" at games and on books is often harder to link to.

Moving Forward on Shadows over Vathak

Landon, in an email exchange with me, joked about how "it would have been nice to just sit down in a car with the engine already running and take over -- but I wasn't ever expecting that" and that seems a fitting analogy to play with.

Landon's been "on the job" for a little over a week and already I'm quite impressed with his work ethic and his process. There is a LOT of world for him to become "the content expert on" and sadly, rather than a car already running, he inherited a car that used to run great, but we decided to replace the engine, and just barely got that in there, now we need to clean up all the surrounding bits before we take it out for a cruise.

This is all to say that Landon has hit the ground running, but first he and I need to do a bunch of clean up. That's not that bad, but it means it will be likely Summer 2017 before you start seeing the new round of releases [AND his new, weekly Blogs that will be tentatively Sundays over Vathak!]. Mind you, part of that is because he's going to be getting some first hand exposure to the inspirations for Steampunk Musha (which shares the world of Antikthon with Shadows over Vathak) by spending a few weeks in Japan. (learn all about Antikthon here!)

He also is going to be PaizoCon this coming May 26th-29th! So, if you're also attending be sure to hunt Landon down and congratulate him -- then tell him all your favorite parts of Shadows over Vathak, threaten to hurt him if he screws it up, and just otherwise enjoy talking, gaming, and Conning (that's the word for it right?).

Welcome to the Hoarde Landon, now fall into line!

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