Sundays over Vathak - Enhanced Racial Guides

This week, we released the Enhanced Racial Guide for hauntlings and I'm pretty damned stoked, so let's talk some about the Enhanced Racial Guides.

Basically, an Enhanced Racial Guide has all the material you'll need to play a character of that race. It has archetypes, feats, lore, equipment, spells, magical items, and all the other products of their culture.

So, for hauntlings, you have options like the ghostly gunner archetype who can cause guns to hover around herself like a poltergeist and racial variants tied more closely to dullahans or banshees than any ordinary ghost.

But another race could end up with a very different guide. It's all about what hauntlings need to tell their stories and the cool stuff they should be able to do.

One of my favorite little touches are a few alternate racial traits reflecting the possible fates of your past life.

Drowned Fate (Su): You remember life slipping away from you as you struggled underwater, but now it feels like a home. You have a swim speed of 30 feet and gain the +8 racial bonus on swim checks that a swim speed normally grants. This racial trait replaces ghost magic.

The whole book is full of things like that, stuff that feels like little hauntling vignettes. John and Rick did a great job on this one.

I'm really glad we got the hauntling out in time for Halloween! Hopefully it can bring a little something from the grave to your table.

Landon Winkler, Shadows over Vathak Line Developer