Sundays over Vathak - Grigoria

In a lot of ways, Grigoria is the heart of Vathak. Grigoria certainly thinks of itself that way and there's certainly some evidence in their favor.

Moorhaven and Sileasia bend knee to King and Church. Khrota is deeply contested with Grigoria on one side of that conflict. Not even the Colonies and Ina'oth can ignore Grigoria.

But what's it like living in Grigoria? Do King and König keep the terrors of Vathak at bay?

Player's Guide to Vathak

But the residents of Vathak would never be that lucky. The cults of the Old Ones and banal corruption alike rot at the heart of Grigoria, leaving a ground ripe for stories of Cosmic and Gothic horror with a very human spin.

And that's one of the defining aspects of Grigoria. Villains stand shoulder-to-shoulder with heroes, both ultimately human and flawed, both unsure who they can trust. The greatest threats to Grigoria, perhaps even the greatest in Vathak, are entirely internal.

Although that can mean intrigue and Gothic horror against the backdrop of vast cathedrals, Grigoria is as much a land of science as religion. The Wretched are only the most human of the horrors hatched in the crown's laboratories. Callous experiments can be nudged along by the influence of the Old Ones or driven by the human folly that lead to the Great Cleansing. And the war machine never sleeps, needing ever more people and weapons and technology to fight a battle that may ultimately be hopeless.

Something is very wrong in Grigoria and the Old Ones hardly need to nudge the scale, which may be the worst part of all.

See you next week,
Landon Winkler, Shadows over Vathak Line Developer