Sundays over Vathak: Horrors of GenCon

There's a lot of stuff to see and buy at GenCon, from Cthulhu plushies to Cthulhu minature games to games where Cthulhu fights giant mecha. And, don't get me wrong, I'm probably buying all of those things.

But if you're wondering about how to use all your sweet new horror stuff, let's take a moment to walk down memory lane and see how to unleash those horrors on Vathak.

Cosmic Horror - "Common human laws and interests have no validity to the cosmos at large."

Survival Horror - Making terrible choices on a tight clock.

Gothic Horror - Vampire Lords, corrupt clergy, and crumbling castles.

Body Horror - The betrayal of flesh.

Horrors of War - War never changes.

Psychological Horror - Doubt everything.

Slasher Horror - The human side of horror.

Dark Fantasy - A world through horror-colored glasses.

We've wrapped up the horrors with a nice blood-stained ribbon, so check back next week to explore the nations of Ina'oth. Or to talk about all the cool stuff I bought at GenCon. One of the two.

Player's Guide to Vathak


Landon Winkler, Shadows over Vathak Line Developer