Sundays over Vathak: Origins

Hello! This is Landon Winkler, the new Line Developer for Shadows over Vathak, to welcome everyone to our new blog series celebrating Vathak's cosmic horrors, gothic vistas, unsurvivable odds, and nameless terrors.

Vathak was born to Carathis in a distant... wait, wrong origin story. Shadows over Vathak was born to contain many kinds of horror: gothic horror, cosmic horror, survival horror, and styles stretching from ancient ghost stories to the post-apocalypse. Where you set a game in Vathak and the elements you decide to use, well, that comes down to what sort of horror you want.

I look forward to talking with everyone over the coming weeks and months about Vathak's many horrors and the lands containing them.

But, speaking of origins, I will be at the Origins Game Fair 2017 if you want to chat about the horrors in store. My madness this year will mostly be of the Pathfinder Society-sanctioned variety, but feel free to grab me or any flesh puppet wearing a "Landon Winkler" badge.