Sundays over Vathak - The Year That Will Be 2018

Last week, we talked about the year just past. This week it seems only fair to peer into the misty reaches of the future.

Some, like the recent Faces of Vathak book, will be usable everywhere in Vathak. But I think it's safe to say 2018 will be the year of Ina'oth.

Gamemaster's Guide to Ina'oth

We have two books already in development, both touching on the themes of Ina'oth.

The first is Echo of Plagues, an introductory adventure starting near the Inaothian town of Jelsana. It's a roleplaying heavy scenario with tense atmosphere ready to hook your players into Ina'oth.

The second is Vathak Secret Societies: People of Ash. This society lurks in the hearts of hauntling communities in Ina'oth, the Colonies, and throughout Vathak. For many, it serves vital social functions, but those who embrace its philosophies too closely might find themselves consumed by the Fire's Fury.

After that, there's more on the menu, from monster books to enhanced racial guides. And we've got a few surprises in store that I trust won't warp anyone's sanity too terribly.

Into the future together!

Landon Winkler, Shadows over Vathak Line Developer