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So, just under a week ago, something... happened. Suffice to say, we lost our ENTIRE WEBSITE and all the posts we had made. BUT from this tragedy we've managed to come back with a much stronger and more interesting website that we think can better serve both our and our customer's needs.

Way back on January 5th of this year, the first Tuesday of the year, I started a "Weekly Design Blog for Steampunk Musha." Those original blogs have been lost, but I have managed to variously "recover" at least partial information for some of them.

Its currently Week #17, and we'll cap this week off with its own quick update, but here are a listing of the previous 16 weeks worth of Blogs, with a link to the revised version available on our new website -- when available.

Weekly Design Blogs for 2016

Weekly Design Blog #1: Meet the Team

I introduced the Steampunk Musha Design Team -- J Gray, Ishmael Alvarez, Michael Ritter, and myself -- and what each of us was bringing to the team.

Weekly Design Blog #2: Racing to Start

I discuss the "500 pages of notes" that existed before I showed up for the job, and how the SpM Design Team was going to start by tearing apart the Race section first, hoping to get at the design that way.

Weekly Design Blog #3: Keeping the Punk in Steampunk

I introduced an idea J Gray had about an alternative system to the standard "alignments" of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and it acting as an overlay with "philosophies" helping to define how people interact, and the importance, especially of the "PUNK!" portion of Steampunk Musha.

Weekly Design Blog #4: Being a Gaijin on Rosuto-Shima

I related a few personal anecdotes about my own time as a "gaijin" (i.e. foreigner) in Japan for a Rotary Youth Exchange year, and how I had planned on trying to translate that into the core design of Steampunk Musha.

Weekly Design Blog #5: Adolescent Deviant Shinobi Terrapins

This is the first of my blogs I had at least a partial recovery for, check the link!

I discuss one of the core races of Steampunk Musha, the Kappa, the first race the SpM Design Team had really redesigned, and some our plans as well as previewing some of The Fattest Goblin's art for them.

Weekly Design Blog #6: A Class by Any Other Name

I review the 11 new classes promised during the Kickstarter, and then discuss how we're planning on supporting at least 14 of the existing classes with modified notes and design suggestions.

Weekly Design Blog #7: We Don't Always Need to Reinvent the Wheel, Just Improve On It

I discuss how, while much of the content in Steampunk Musha Player's Guide will be all new, we don't 'need' to always create stuff whole cloth, instead there are a number of sources to pull from, including our own Fat Goblin Games' products!

Weekly Design Blog #8: Crunch Must Support Fluff & Vice Versa

I discuss how its not just "important" but "vital" that the core mechanics we're trying to introduce help to make the setting. It can't just be a simple "file the serial numbers" but actually making sure that we design things to "fit" Rosuto-Shima and "make sense" there, as well as hoping to further the player's experience by integrating meaningful design choices.

Weekly Design Blog #9: QUESTION TO THE FANS -- Should we reprint materials in Exhibit B Books?

I discuss a matter that had been weighing on my mind, of reprinting or not materials from Exhibit B books from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game License. An example would be, should we merely reference things like the Samurai or Ninja classes from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat, or should we fully reprint those classes here.

Weekly Design Blog #10: PATHFINDER! (..huh...yeah) What is it good for?

Due to the site lost, and other flukes, I don't have access to blogs from here until #17...

I discuss the strengths (and weaknesses) of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and how its going to be important to keep in mind while designing materials for Steampunk Musha.

Weekly Design Blog #11: One Week SpM Work Hiatus for Reasons...

I discuss how I had to give the whole SpM Design Team a week+ off from worrying about the project so we could get some other work done for Fat Goblin Games, or deal with things like school, work, family, etc.

Weekly Design Blog #12: The Importance of Hard Work and Holidays

With Easter coming up fast, I discussed how we had used holidays to help "sell" the setting when we worked on the Shadows over Vathak Player's Guide, and then discuss how important various holidays, festivals, and other events are in Japan and other Asian cultures.

Weekly Design Blog #13: Back at "IT" & Double Dipping Content

With the holiday behind us, and the work hiatus off, we got back to work, and I point out how a few things either recently developed or being written currently for Fat Goblin Games would be ideal fits for use on Rosuto-Shima and in the SpM Player's Guide

Weekly Design Blog #14: The Magic of Good Design & Fitting JRPGs into Pathfinder

I discuss how well design the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game was designed that I could "fit in" to the existing design without much or any work the idea of how to use a kind of summoning of spirits to make magical effects to both add the flavor of a Japanese RPG video game like Final Fantasy, but also to account for an alternate idea of whats going on when people cast divine spells on Rosuto-Shima.

Weekly Design Blog #15: The Importance of Birthdays & Ages in Cultures

As my wife's birthday was the weekend before, and my own was rapidly coming, I discussed how age and birthdays are celebrated in Japan and other cultures, and how one method of immersing players in the world will be to discuss how and when "Rites of Passage" occur for various peoples on Rosuto-Shima.

Weekly Design Blog #16: Life Lessons & Keeping the Otherness

The "Stranger in a Strange Land" aspect of Steampunk Musha is going to be one of the important themes, and I channel a bit of personal experience having overindulged in sushi for my birthday, and realizing my gaijin body just isn't used to processing a few pounds of raw fish and vinegared rice.

Weekly Design Blog #17: The Story So Far

I give a quick update of the state of Steampunk Musha, these Design Blogs, and other things going forward.

Thank you all for your continued support. We're working on something I think will make at least some of you happy soon, and I'll be discussing it more as we get closer. For more information in general on Steampunk Musha, check out Blog #17 above!

Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games (Like us on Facebook!)

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