Weekly Design Blog #17: The Story So Far

Hello All,

So, here we are -- again. Same site address, but a new space. Last week (I'd normally link to it here) I was still recovering from a bout of likely norovirus/food illness from eating a few pounds of sushi for my birthday weekend, and last week was... bad. 

That sickness passed on to my daughter by Tuesday evening, and then my wife by Thursday-Friday overnight. Meanwhile, our entire site crashed and burned because of a glitch by our former hosting space. We 'should' have had various back ups, or we thought we did, but they claim that data is all 'unrecoverable' so we ditched them and found a new bestie.

Regardless, in a classic "phoenix rising from the ashes" story that we all love so much in RPG industry, we're back and we're ideally better than ever.

Clearly, this past week has been "a handful" (I use that phrase with great purpose, but I assure you, you don't want the details) and getting this site up and running while also getting The Summer Temple adventure ready for free release in honor of our website relaunch took up most of MY time, but the rest of the SpM Design Team has been plugging away.


The SpM Design Team and I have "something special" planned for late May, but for now -- just know that we've pushing ever onward. Starting next week, I should have more "previews" of what we're working on and where we're going with the Steampunk Musha Player's Guide development -- assuming no other "disasters" come our way!

Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games (Like us on Facebook!)

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