Weekly Design Blog #24: Meet Rodney Sloan, Our Newest Addition to the Steampunk Musha Design Team

Hello All,

Last week in my blog, I talked about having some "new blood" here at Fat Goblin Games for the Steampunk Musha Design Team, and today I'm going to let him introduce himself (I'm "busy" on my way to the Origins Gaming Fair, look me up if you're going to be there!)

 Hajimemashite and well met. I’m Rodney Sloan, a game designer and writer from sunny South Africa, currently living in the mountains of Japan, where I hunt down ninja. So far they have successfully evaded me, but one day, mark my words, I shall spot one.   

I came to Japan to learn iaido — the way of drawing the sword — and teach English. My wife and I figured we’d stay a year or two, but ended up falling deeply in love with the country and the Japanese people and stayed for five.

My Pathfinder writing credits include the Incarnate hybrid class, which I wrote for Wayward Rogues Publishing, and Letters from the Flaming Crab: Hygiene, for Flaming Crab Games, where I worked with J Gray (whom is on the SpM Design Team as well). My newest game is Claustrophobia!, a standalone game about garden gnomes, published by Rising Phoenix Games.

In Hygiene I did a write up of a Japanese onsen (hot spring bath), based on my experiences here, which J and Lucus liked (onsen are steamy, so I guess that helped), and one thing led to another and here I am.

I’m very impressed with Lucus’s vision for Steampunk Musha, so I’m eagerly anticipating working under his creative direction. Japan — and Asia — is much more than noodles and curvy swords, and for all the generalization that can so easily be flung around there’s much more to the Japanese people too. I hope to bring some insight and sensitivity to the project, to imbue SpM with an authentic spirit that is true to the source material. If we get that right SpM will be all the more believable and enjoyable.

Also, Asian settings have a wealth of fun toys to tap into, so you can be sure I’ll be finding the best stuff to go into SpM. It’s going to be loads of fun!

I hope you too feel that Rodney here will be an excellent addition to the Team, I know I've already enjoyed some of the great insights and enthusiasm he's shown for the project!

Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games (Like us on Facebook!) 

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