Bi-Weekly Design Blog #10: Quick and Dirty Steampunked Weapons

The low ceiling and narrow halls compounded the claustrophobic feeling of the junk filled rooms. They moved through three such rooms before anyone appeared, and when they did, it was with drawn weapons. The keshou were small and squat, with goblin like faces under their tight top-knots.

"We've come for your help," doctor Kuroiwa said, raising an empty hand to show he came in peace. "His neck..."

"Who or what did this?" said a voice at the back of the room, from somewhere behind a heap of metal trunks overflowing with parts. The other keshou moved aside and lowered their weapons. From the darkness a small goblin like creature emerged, white wisps of hair and sackcloth robes stained with machine oil.

"Please," Akiko said, helping to lay her master down before bowing, forehead to the floor, in the deepest show of respect and humility.

Takahiro stared in disbelief, then, at a short sharp hiss from Akiko, fell to the dirty floor too, his forehead pressed hard to the ground. "Please, our master has no other hope."

Kuroiwa knelt beside the body, his ear to the sensei's mouth. "It is too late, he breathes no more."

"No, he is merely broken,” said the wizened keshou, “but he can be rebuilt."

I was paging through the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Technology Guide the other day, which has a wealth of gear that could, with a little creative re-skinning, easily fit into a Steampunk Musha game. Let’s look at a few weapon examples, but take note, this is my quick and dirty re-purposing, and in no way is it official Steampunk Musha content.

Arc pistol and rifle: pretty much unaltered, although it might be powered by a miniature Tesla coil.

Autograpnel: Bat-Man needs a one-handed version of this, but we can take it as is. We’ll just say it’s steam powered.

Chainsaw: Make it steam powered too.

Dart Gun: Remove the bit about nanotechnology and instead have it use air pressure to fire. Take the range down by 10 ft.

Flare Gun: Use as is.

Laser Torch: Let’s just call it a blow torch and be done with it.

Nuclear Resonator: Call it the Sonic Resonator and you’re there. The same goes for the Sonic Pistol and Sonic Rifle.

"Say hello to my little friend!"

Rocket Launcher: This is our first candidate for some heavy modification. Change the capacity to 1, but make it re-loadable (a full round action).

Stun Baton: Good as is, but limit the number of charges it can carry. Comes in a dandy walking cane format too.

 There’s plenty more in the Technology Guide that's worth a look. Can you think of any other weapons you’d like to see in Steampunk Musha? What gear do you consider essential for your adventures in Rosuto-Shima? Let us know in the comments below.

Rodney Sloan, Line developer for Steampunk Musha at Fat Goblin Games.

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