Bi-Weekly Design Blog #19: The Big Picture

We like to fling the “gathering steam” pun around Fat Goblin HQ, and we have indeed been tightening the bolts and optimizing our output. With that in mind I’m putting a hold on the fiction for now, and we’ll hopefully look at running a courtroom encounter next week.

So, what does the development process look like at Fat Goblin HQ?

Gathering Steam


Well, for Steampunk Musha at least, we aim to have 3 books in writing, 3 in review, and 3 in layout. A lot of what we’ve got on the cards was what was offered in the Kickstarter, and has, to some extent, already had development work done on it.

Other ideas get kicked around until we have a good concept, at which point we add them to the list.

Roughly speaking, we have “sets” of books that then go through the three steps of writing, review, and layout together. For example, we have a book covering samurai, one for samurai swords, and another for clockwork ronin. Together they form a very neat package. Because they are all in the queue together, you won’t need to wait too long to have all the books you need to play a certain kind of character.

Right now, according to my list, we have 6 books in writing, with 2 of those almost ready to move up the queue. Exciting times!

Rodney Sloan, is the line developer for Steampunk Musha at Fat Goblin Games. You can find him on Twitter.

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