Bi-Weekly Design Blog #6: Grab A Character Sheet

Exciting stuff! The Steampunk Musha — Explorer’s Guide to Rosuto-Shima is almost here. It has been quite a journey, but well worth the wait.

Personally, I dislike talking about what we’ll deliver until it’s on the shelf. Something like 75% of games on Steam’s Early Access never get released (source). How awesome then that Lucus and the rest of the Fat Goblin Games team have fought so hard to get Steampunk Musha into players hands! And that’s about to happen. Very, very soon!

The Explorer’s Guide is bigger, at around 100 pages — although we’ll know for sure when layout is done — and better, with quality content you’ll find nowhere else.

As you’d expect from the name, we’ll take you on a tour of Rosuto-Shima, its lands and its people. You’ll discover its ancient origins and tumultuous history and uncover some of its many secrets. Beyond that we’ve covered a wide range of rules including Steampunk Musha specific classes, firearms, philosophies, the kami, and more.   

The layout is looking good, here’s a sneak peek I managed to swipe off Luke’s desk.

Explorer's Guide Sneek Peek 2

Explorer's Guide Sneek Peek 1

Watch the blog and Facebook for the release announcement!

Rodney Sloan, Line developer for Steampunk Musha at Fat Goblin Games.

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