Weekly Design Blog #31: A Grab Bag of Oddities and Updates

Hello All,

As you may know, I wear many hats at Fat Goblin Games. In a normal work week, I try to split my time so that 1/4 goes to managing the Steampunk Musha Design Team, 1/4 goes to managing my commitments to the Call to Arms line, 1/4 goes to "other projects" (both for Fat Goblin Games and for other companies I may be working for), and then the last 1/4 of my time working on "this stuff" goes to mostly administrative tasks, be it writing up these blogs, chatting with freelancers, managing Facebook or Twitter accounts for FGG, etc.

Occasionally though, these fractions get adjusted wildly, and this week (and at least likely next week) will be two of those weeks where my Steampunk Musha time will be reduced to "just writing up these blog posts, basically." 

We all must 'sing for our supper' after all...

The reason for this is GOOD for Fat Goblin Games, but means you must suffer a bit. J Gray, whom was on the Steampunk Musha Design Team but is going to be stepping away till the "final edit" phase, just completed his first draft of Curious Creatures for Castle Falkenstein, which Fat Goblin Games has an exclusive license to release products for -- with this being our first!

As such, its a "big deal" and I am actually freeing up a lot of my time, as I push all my Call to Arms duties off (sorry Jennifer!) for the stretch and only handle basically Curious Creatures till I can pass it off to The Janitor

A smile like that, he must LOVE his job here, cleaning up other peoples...

Additionally, our newest member to the SpM Design Team, Rodney Sloan, is in the middle of moving his family after 5 years in Japan back to South Africa. This is no small task, and he claims he will be all done and "back to work" come mid-September, but without Rodney or J Gray, it leaves a big work-gap for us.

And so, I will endeavor to release something fun next week, but I am not putting in my normal few hours grinding away at the massive stone that is Steampunk Musha. Two weeks should be a blip on a project the scale of SpM, so it shouldn't radically adjust our timelines, but needs must be met.

Regardless, I hope you are enjoying your summer and if you made it to Indianapolis, I hope you are enjoying the heck out of Gen Con!

Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games (Like us on Facebook!) 

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