Weekly Design Blog #35: The Physical Landscape of Rosuto-Shima (with a MAP!)

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With Rodney in South Africa, actual "work" is starting to really pick up on Steampunk Musha. We have a new idea that we're not quite willing to fully disclose YET, but I hope all our fans will be at least remotely excited by its release.

What I can give a preview of is the write up we have for the general layout of the island of Rosuto-Shima, AND we have a lovely map to go along with it!

Now of course, nothing here is 100% or absolute, even this map may still change a bit, but here is an example of what the world may look like, and here's a brief discussion of the place in general...

The Physical Landscape of Rosuto-Shima

Rosuto-Shima is a continent-sized island archipelago, completely ringed by treacherous reefs, with one main body island and a small number of other outlying islands, and encompasses several climes.

Dominated in the south by subtropical marshes, in the east by arid desert, and in the north by temperate forests, the majority of the lands inhabited space is a vast grassland stretches from the southeast to the western coast, curling out into a crescent moon peninsula. To the far north of Rosuto-Shima is Jigoku, a volcanic island that belches flames that can be seen throughout the northern areas of Rosuto-Shima. With the northern forests blending into its western side, and the desert sands a stark border on its east, a vast mountain range with peaks soaring in height divide the surrounding sparsely populated plains to the coast.

Twelve key cities hold the majority of Rosuto-Shima’s population, though between these cities, regardless of the climate, are small villages where the country folk of Rosuto-Shima still strive to make a living, while losing most of their young and able-bodied workers to the lure of the metropolises.

Because of the coral reefs surrounding Rosuto-Shima, the waters are extremely dangerous to travel in larger craft, though small fishing boats have long worked the reefs themselves, and a rare few pirates with shallow hulled ships have braved the rough waters to raid. The seas are nearly always rough, with often violent thunderstorms (to even blizzards in the north) which give almost no warning before unleashing their fury on the waters and coasts below.

For a very rough estimate, Rosuto-Shima is "roughly" the size of Australia, though orientated differently (and in the Northern, rather than Southern Hemisphere of the planet, just like the continent of Vathak (in our Shadows over Vathak setting).

Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games (Like us on Facebook!) 

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