Weekly Design Blog #36: My Computer Died -- Boo!

Hello All,

Last Friday, after driving the wife to work, I came home to find my old beast of a computer (7 years old, bought for grad school) was completely dead. I say "completely" because it had been slowly dying for the past few months, most likely the graphics card overheating and crashing it. 

But, now its just not working. It happened just before leaving town for the weekend, so today is basically a "migration" day as I set up my wife's computer as my main computer. Happily, a massive amount of my "work" is online and available thus instantly (so there's almost no loss of work for say Steampunk Musha). BUT it also means I don't have my proper set up so, for instance, I don't have my usual image posted with this blog.

But for today, I'm spending my time getting the PC set up and going, and that means no proper blog about what we're working on today :(

Ideally, next week you'll see us return to our regularly scheduled programming ;)

Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games (Like us on Facebook!) 


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