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Tonight, Thursday November 17th, 2016, at 7 pm Central time till roughly 9 pm Central, our writer for vs. Moon Men, Jason Owen Black, has been invited to participate in an RPG.net Q&A session -- which you can link any time to the chatroom here: http://tinyurl.com/rpgnetchat or if you're finding this out after the fact, read the collected chat here on The Hardboiled GMShoe's Office.

YOU MISSED THE CHAT? Don't Fret -- read the transcript here:

What follows is a "brief" introduction to Jason Owen Black and vs. Moon Men for those unfamiliar with either. This is, of course, all in celebration of our newest releases to the vs. M Engine system, which includes our vs. Ghosts and vs. Stranger Stuff games!

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Jason Owen Black & vs. Moon Men

  Jason Owen Black has been gaming since before he was old enough to be on the Random Starting Ages table. He has a B.A. and an M.A. in history and a graduate certificate in gender studies, and uses that education to write better games than he would have otherwise, hoping to keep his head down long enough for his student loans to be forgiven. He grew up near Detroit but followed the siren call of game design and rainy winters to move to Seattle. You can follow him on twitter @owenstreetpress or check out his website at jasonowenblack.com

  Jason has written material for WayfinderLouis Porter Jr. Design, Sneak Attack Press, Outland Entertainment, Zenith Games, Adventure-a-Week, and of course Fat Goblin Games. He also creates content for The Black Hack on his website. You can find all of his publications at https://jasonowenblack.com/publications/

Jason first popped up on my radar I believe during my long-ago open call for Call to Arms books. He had had a range of texts he was proposing, but had settled on a Call to Arms: Banners & Flags theme. That book is still in some kind of development (I'm most likely going to at least nab out pieces of it for use in Fat Goblin Game's Steampunk Musha setting and the samurai), but that's all neither here, nor there.

It was back in August I want to say that The Fattest Goblin started making comments that he'd love some more vs. M Engine games, and they don't all have to be "paranormal" themed like vs. Ghosts. For Jason, he thought of the idea from this story:

vs. Moon Men started out with the desire to make a science-fiction game and getting the late-night inspiration to ask “what if there were aliens on the Moon and they were upset about the Apollo 11 landing?” After that it pretty much wrote itself (with a lot of tinkering and back and forth and thinking and watching stuff like Mars Attacks! late at night).

A very basic pitch in place, Jason started to bang away at vs. Moon Men, leading to this lovely book:


This is planned to be MUCH MORE than just a 'stand-alone' adventure book, with Jason and I spinning numerous variations of possible follow up and future plans for the vs. Moon Men and related books. To give you hint of some ideas, possible book titles in support of vs. Moon Men include:

  • Go Wildcats!
  • Mother Russia
  • This War of Mine
  • Jailbreak
  • Silver Screen
  • 1947
  • Sons of Liberty
  • Crystal Skull
  • Snow Base Alpha
  • Body Snatchers
  • Rogue One
  • Yorktown
  • Strike Back
  • The Squelch!
    and so much more!

Jason's also tried his hand at writing for another vs. M Engine book, as he wrote vs. Ghosts Adventure: The Talking Board --- all about a possessed 'talking board' (tradmark-name-redacted).

So Please Join Us!

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