Lucus Will Be Talking vs. Stranger Stuff -- Season 2 with Victory Condition Gaming on Monday, November 13th at 9 pm EST!

Hello All,

The title of the blog kind of "gives it all away" but you may be asking "Who the heck if Victory Condition Gaming?"

The short answer is -- someone you should know about!

From their YouTube About Me:

 "Because winning shouldn't be the only victory condition when you get to the table."

I knew there had to be other parents introducing their kids to tabletop games, so I decided to create a channel showcasing what games we're excited about while teaching having fun at the table should be the most important victory condition when you play. Hopefully your "gamer" family will find our content worthwhile, you'll consider subscribing to our channel and share your gaming experiences along with us. called us "the epitome of what being a GeekDad is all about." Thank you so much for your interest in our content.


I'll actually be chatting with both Doug Shute of Victory Condition Gaming, but also Kent Blue of Roll to Play Podcast.

We'll be broadcasting live on Monday, November 13th, 2017 at 9 pm EST, and you can get the full details here on Facebook!

And don't forget to check out Victory Condition Gaming (Facebook) and Roll to Play Podcasts (Facebook). Personally, as it was very much a game I was aware of and kept in mind as I banged out vs. Stranger Stuff -- Season 2, I suggest you check out Doug's review of Tales from the Loop.

A note for any fans of Tales from the Loop tuning in though, Tales from the Loop ran its Kickstarter last year November 24, 2016 -- December 15, 2016. We had our original vs. Stranger Stuff rules out in the world August 22, 2016 and by Dec 11th, we were releasing our 3rd adventure for vs. Stranger Stuff, our Christmas themed Krampusnacht book. By late April 2017 or whenever it was when Tales became available, we were releasing our Special Edition: Send in the Clowns book.

My only real point being, we're not "ripping off" Tales from the Loop -- we're clearly ripping off Stranger Things the Netflix show. Tales from the Loop though is an incredible book. And the two would likely work together wonderfully.

 If you'd like to learn more about vs. Stranger Stuff, why not pick up the TOTALLY FREE (it's Pay-What-You-Want, which can also be $0.00) 

vs. Stranger Stuff -- Season 2: Easy Mode Only!

It's a complete game (just lacking a lot of the extra fluff and additional rules found in the full game) that presents just the "Easy Mode" of the game -- i.e. the "easiest to play" version of the game that gives the Kids higher attributes and makes death nigh impossible.

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