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Sales of vs. Ghosts were great, as was general reception, and while we are still working on announced ideas like vs. Goons (a 40's/50's-era pulpy vs. M Engine game, discussed with GMShoe last month). Read more about vs. Ghosts in my older blogs here and right here.

But while we're working on the larger project that will be vs. Goons, as well as some other properties (expect to see something from one of the Hoarde about "vs. Moon Men" very likely soon, as well as a vs. something else from J Gray), we felt a need to get something small but different out there. Also, the main vs. Ghosts book is large and fairly expensive, so we wanted to offer a bit of an "easy in" point for people new the vs. M Engine games and so...

.... I wanna talk about vs. Stranger Stuff!

While vs. Ghosts was a "full" book with a decent amount of setting materials mixed in and "expanded" rules from even the old vs. Monsters Deluxe, vs. Stranger Stuff is the "slimmed down" ruleset you'd find in the old vs. Outlaws game that was only 6 pages long.

THAT is the full game, right there. ~2,000 words.

Our own vs. Stranger Stuff is all of 14 pages, with basically a dozen pages of "content" and we take CLEAR inspiration from that Netflix series (but also all the stuff that inspired them!

 Oh wait, not that...

And so while you "could" play out a story about four geeky kids and one of them going missing and their siblings getting involved and a little science experiment of a love interest psychic coming to town to play with...

Its also ideal for playing any number of 80's themed misadventures of kids like:

Now, inline with the "minimalist" approach, it is a FULL GAME but there just aren't a lot of bells and whistles. The Equipment section, for example compared to vs. Ghosts, is down right sparse. 


It's already been selling "fairly well" compared to vs. Ghosts, but we'd also love to hear some feedback. Also, we'd be willing to any number of expansions to -- in fact, if we did enough of them and pushed out that 14ish pages to over 50, we'd consider doing a vs. Stranger Stuff Deluxe which was available in print.

As it is, vs. Stranger Stuff will be our "easy point of entry" with a low-cost and "simple gameplay." The PDF is $1.00 currently on OBS stores, and it's likely to remain that way for the time being. Why not toss us a buck, give us a review, and tell us what YOU'D like to see us do to expand vs. M Engine games!?!

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