vs. Stranger Stuff -- Season 2: Why "Season 2?"

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A quick blog today, and actually me just grabbing a sidebar's comments in our upcoming book, vs. Stranger Stuff -- Season 2, that discusses the title a little bit.

This book is vs. Stranger Stuff — Season 2, so why “Season 2” and not, say 2nd Edition? Or “revised edition” or any number of other things? In part, it is because this book is coinciding with the release of its inspiring Netflix series’ second season, but also because we see this as a culmination of the previous year’s releases, with some planned expansion for the year to come. And not just about “rules” or “mechanics,” but also things like collecting all of our various descriptions about the fictional town of Crestview Hills into one, cohesive whole that can work as your and our default backdrop for “things to come.”

When Rick Hershey, the publisher here at Fat Goblin Games, first released the original 14 page vs. Stranger Stuff rules, it was as much as a lark. It was meant to be a quick and dirty one-off, something fun and easy to create, play, and release. But then it attracted people like Ben Dowell, now author of numerous vs. Stranger Stuff Adventures, to apply to Fat Goblin Games to release all new adventures for the setting, and as we got into that, we realized just how fun this game can be, even with such very simple mechanics.

A clear follow up question then is “Will there be a Season 3?” — Maybe? It's quite possible, and we already know the kinds of things we’d add to that book that goes well beyond just revising this book and re-releasing it with a few add-ons.

I am always thinking of not just the "next book" but the "next few" and we have a plan or an idea with this line, if I can get the final off to Rick! (its at 80% of Final Manuscript form!) 

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