About the Fat Goblin Hoarde

Based in South Carolina, USA, Fat Goblin Games was founded in 2011 to create Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible products. With a focus on high quality production values and providing a creative environment for our writers, Fat Goblin Games has quickly become a recognized force in the world of third party publishers. With hundreds of support books, visual aids, campaign settings, and quality stock art, Fat Goblin Games continues to provide exciting content and fantastic worlds in which gamers can immerse themselves.

We publish a variety of material for the most popular roleplaying games systems, such as the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game5th Edition Fantasy, Castle Falkenstein, & vs. M Engine. 

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Fat Goblin Games -- Our Main Company Page

Shadows over Vathak -- Our Horror-themed Setting for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Steampunk Musha -- Our East Asian/Steampunk Mashup Setting for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Castle Falkenstein -- Our group for fans of Castle Falkenstein, new and old.

vs. M Engine -- Our group for vs. M Engine, which supports vs. Ghosts, vs. Stranger Stuff, vs. Moon Men, and others.

The Fat Goblin Hoarde

On June 12th, 2015, Rick Hershey -- The Fattest Goblin here at Fat Goblin Games -- decided he was in an art & design funk (having put too many hours working on other people's stuff), so he challenged himself to a 24-hour Design-a-thon in the style that lead Philp J. Reed to create vs. Monsters

Two other freelancers that had worked with Rick in the past (Troy Daniels & Lucus Palosaari) joined him in the effort. While the full tale can be read here (including why we misspell it), and while that specific product hasn't come out (yet! -- find out more here!), that day of cooperation lead to a new paradigm in how Fat Goblin Games ran their business and it was the genesis of the Fat Goblin Hoarde, lead by We Three Bastards!

Members of the Goblin Hoarde (in roughly alphabetical order, by first name -- just cuz):

Ben Dowell

Ben lives in rural Indiana, somewhere between Indianapolis and Chicago; the exact location changes every decade or so. His love of all things gaming started on an Atari 2600 and grew with him. Nearly 20 years ago, he was introduced to table top gaming with Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition. Ten years ago, he home-brewed a ninja-based game for his son. Now, he runs games for the whole family and a host of friends and acquaintances.

Ben joined the ranks of professional RPG developers in January of 2016 when he co-founded Epic Level NPC, a nod to his D&D roots. His next goal is fulfill his childhood career choice, and become a werewolf.

Ben can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ben.dowell.3

Eric Hindley

Eric is a proud weaver of many paths and an expert in every field (or at least a jack of all trades). He began his RPG career in the early 90s, badgering his friends to let him have the 17 Cha he needed to play 2nd edition paladins at every chance. He migrated to 3rd edition in 2000 because the book was shiny and new out front of a Coles bookstore, on some kind of cardboard display. Pathfinder caught his interest almost immediately after being announced, and he has been a believer ever since. He began GMing primarily to force other people to play with him in university in Toronto. After honing his skills picking off characters in the far-flung town of Banff, AB, Canada he now resides in Calgary where he spends most of his time playing with technical theatre equipment, rigging , painting miniatures and writing game materials. He participated in Paizo’s RPG Superstar contest in 2010 and 2011. He moved on to freelance work in 2012, after missing out three-peating in the contest.

Ismael Alvarez

Ismael Alvarez, a.k.a. Lorathorn, a.k.a. the Elven Wizard King, is a freelancer of moderate fame and renown. He got his start through Paizo's RPG Superstar contest, becoming encouraged to work in the RPG industry after a 10 year hiatus. His current interest include 5th edition D&D and converting other things into 5th edition D&D. Although he has worked for many other companies, his loyalties are with Fat Goblin, where he has had most of his published work to date.

Ismael resides in Colorado with his wife and children that inspire his writing.

J Gray

J Gray’s got a “how I got into gaming” story and yarns about interesting characters by the hundreds. More importantly, he’s the line developer here at Fat Goblin Games for Castle Falkenstein.

J’s also hip deep in other projects. He’s a line developer over at Flaming Crab Games and the writer/creator of Mysteries of the Arcana (http://mysteriesofthearcana.com), a long-term fantasy webcomic that explores adventure and romance in a tarot-inspired multiverse.
You can follow J on twitter: @jgraywebcomic.

Jason Owen Black

Jason Owen Black has been gaming since before he was old enough to be on the Random Starting Ages table. He has a B.A. and an M.A. in history and a graduate certificate in gender studies, and uses that education to write better games than he would have otherwise, hoping to keep his head down long enough for his student loans to be forgiven. He grew up near Detroit but followed the siren call of game design and rainy winters to move to Seattle. You can follow him on twitter @owenstreetpress or check out his website at jasonowenblack.com

Jason has written material for Paizo, Wayfinder, Louis Porter Jr. Design, Sneak Attack Press, Outland Entertainment, Zenith Games, Adventure-a-Week, and of course Fat Goblin Games, including vs. Moon Men. He also creates free setting content on his website. You can find all of his publications at http://www.jasonowenblack.com/publications

Jeffrey Swank

Mr. Korh stood in front of the 6th grade summer camp class and said, “All those who want to go play dodge ball, line up against that wall. Any that would like to stay inside and play a game called D&D — a game with swords, monsters, elves, dragons, and wizards — can stay seated.” Obviously, Jeff stayed in his seat.

Many years have passed since that fateful day in summer camp and he has played many forms of roleplaying games. It wasn’t until March 2014, when Jeff saw he had missed the deadline to enter Paizo’s RPGSS, that he decided to start writing, with the hope that someday he would be a published game designer.

In only a year,  Jeff has been fortunate enough to not only be published as a freelancer, but to also work with great names such as Greg Vaughn, Jim Ward, Richard Pett, John Ling Jr., Bill Webb, and the legendary Ed Greenwood.

John Bennett

John lives in shadow shrouded New Hampshire where he likes to believe he is the manifestation of a Great Old One conceived in a ceremony involving lots of heavy metal music. His form in this world is held together by regular ingestion of caffeine, nicotine, and anime. John started at the age of 8 with 1st edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons but never considered game design until placing Top 8 in the 2011 Paizo sponsored RPG Superstar Contest. Since then, he has written for companies such as Fat Goblin Games, Rite Publishing, Raging Swan Press, Zombie Sky Press, and Paizo. A perpetual night creature, John begins writing in the gloaming hours until the rising sun cakes the sky in lurid layers of red, pink, and orange.

Kiel Howell

Kiel Howell is a software engineer who’s been gaming for at least 20 years in one form or another. He currently resides in northwest Ohio with his wife, daughter,  son, and 5 dogs. He spends much of his time consuming fiction media in print and on screen. He loves Star Wars AND Star Trek and pretty much anything that involves even a modicum of swords and sorcery. 

Kim Frandsen

Danish and residing in Denmark, Kim has traveled the world and worked with many different things, including a 7+ year history in Danish gaming stores. He is married to an English woman and spend his free-time with her, their daughter and their lazy Basset Hound. Most of his writing happens on the train, going to and from his day-job and on the weekends he turns into a benevolent Game Master, continually irritated at his group for doing the unexpected.
Kim has played or plays a multitude of games: D&D, Pathfinder, SLA Industries, Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, GURPS, Star Wars d20, Star Wars Saga Edition, RoleMaster, MERP, Shadowrun, Twilight 2000, Tales of the Floating Vagabond and many, many more. He keeps a notepad of ideas that only seems to grow bigger and bigger with passing time, in spite of trying to get his ideas out there in a timely fashion.

Landon Winkler

Landon kicked off GMing in elementary school with Alien-inspired body horror, but has mellowed with regular doses of Lovecraft and Chambers since then. He GMs two to four times a week now, honing those skills on a diverse group of players.
He's freelanced sporadically since the 3.5 era with companies like Zenith Games, Mongoose Publishing, Silven Publishing, and Paizo. He'd like to apologize if he killed any of your characters during that stretch.
Landon is also lead developer for the web games Metroplexity and Twilight Heroes under Metroplexity Games.

Matt Roth

A lifelong gamer, Matt was first introduced to tabletop RPGs the summer before university and it changed everything. After working as an English teacher around the world and back, he settled back in New Jersey and decided to truly embrace the hobby that combined his love of writing and love of gaming together. It wasn't until an unexpected placement in the Top 32 of Paizo's RPG Superstar contest that he actually considered writing as something more than just an interest. Now he has begun the long and arduous quest to make it a career.

Michael Ritter

Description to come...

Rodney Sloan

Across the Atlanic and south of the Sahara is where you'll find Rodney, living it up with his beautiful wife, son and expansive collection of Star Wars action figures.

The gritty World of Darkness and Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play games were his introduction to the hobby, and it was only much later in life that he discovered the usefulness of a D20.

Rodney is the line developer for FGG's Steampunk Musha, and is deeply passionate about Japan, where he lived for five years. He is also the founder of Rising Phoenix Games (http://www.risingphoenixgames.com/), and works full time in game development, both the dice and digital kinds.

You can follow Rodney on Twitter (https://twitter.com/RisingPhoenixGM).

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