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Based in South Carolina, USA, Fat Goblin Games was founded in 2011 to create Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible products. With a focus on high quality production values and providing a creative environment for our writers, Fat Goblin Games has quickly become a recognized force in the world of third party publishers. With hundreds of support books, visual aids, campaign settings, and quality stock art, Fat Goblin Games continues to provide exciting content and fantastic worlds in which gamers can immerse themselves.

We publish a variety of material for the most popular roleplaying games systems, such as the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game5th Edition Fantasy, Castle Falkenstein, & vs. M Engine. 

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Fat Goblin Games -- Our Main Company Page

Shadows over Vathak -- Our Horror-themed Setting for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Steampunk Musha -- Our East Asian/Steampunk Mashup Setting for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Castle Falkenstein -- Our group for fans of Castle Falkenstein, new and old.

vs. M Engine -- Our group for vs. M Engine, which supports vs. Ghosts, vs. Stranger Stuff, vs. Moon Men, and others.

We Three Bastards

On June 12th, 2015, Rick Hershey -- The Fattest Goblin here at Fat Goblin Games -- decided he was in an art & design funk (having put too many hours working on other people's stuff), so he challenged himself to a 24-hour Design-a-thon in the style that lead Philp J. Reed to create vs. Monsters

While both worked with Rick prior to this, Troy Daniels & Lucus Palosaari joined in his efforts to try to put together a game book tenatively titled Bastards & Battlegrounds. While the full tale can be read here, and while that specific product hasn't come out (yet! -- find out more here!), that day of cooperation lead to a new paradigm in how Fat Goblin Games ran their business and it was the genesis of We Three Bastards, the leaders of the Fat Goblin Hoarde.

Rick Hershey – Owner/Operator

Rick Hershey is an illustrator, graphic designer, writer, and tabletop game publisher. He has worked in the gaming industry for over 15 years providing work as a freelancer for a multitude of clients including Wizards of the Coast, Dreamworks Entertainment, Pinnacle Entertainment, Fantasy Flight Games, Monte Cook Games and many more. Mr. Hershey currently owns and operates Fat Goblin Games and is well known for his former art studio, Empty Room Studios, which provided quality art and design services for film, comics, and game industries.

Contact: fatgoblingames@gmail.com

Lucus Palosaari – Editor/Project Manager

Lucus Palosaari got into writing for roleplaying games because he figured it was about time to put his humanities master’s degree to work. He has been playing roleplaying games for over twenty years with anyone and everyone he could Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate into playing with him. This has occasionally included his wife and he conspires to someday trick his young daughter into gaming as well. Lucus hails from the frozen reaches of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but currently lives with the flatlanders near Milwaukee, WI.

What Rick really thinks of Lucus...

Lucus leads a vast array of projects for Fat Goblin Games include the Call to Arms & CLASSified for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in addition to the settings of Shadows over Vathak & Steampunk Musha. Lucus also manages all the non-5th Edition Fantasy alternative systems to Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, like vs. M Engine games, Castle Falkenstein, and the planned Lil Goblins & Bastards System.

Contact: FGGLucusPalosaari@gmail.com

Troy Daniels – Editor/Project Manager/Janitor

Living in Reynoldsburg, Ohio with five cats, five kids, two rabbits, one dog, and a crazed redhead of a wife, Troy has done quite a lot in the RPG Community. Writing came naturally to him when he stood in the offices of TSR and was told that they were looking to start a gamemastering section for this magazine called Dragon. He pitched, was accepted, and from there he was off and running. After getting involved with the Role Playing Games Association he soon was helping with, and eventually managing the wildly popular Living City campaign. Taking a hiatus for a few years he jumped back on board to help Rick with the original Steampunk Musha and has been with Fat Goblin Games ever since.  He calls himself The Janitor because he wears a lot of hats and tends to clean up messes.

We call him the Janitor for a reason...

As a Line Director, he takes care of revamping the racial lines that FGG has like Astonishing Races and Racial Ecologies for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Editor Troy likes to remind people what tense things should be written in, and works with all of the 5th Edition Fantasy products we produce. Janitor Troy manages projects and reminds Rick what it is he needs to get done. And Project Manage Troy is known to work with our Imprint partners (like Abadoned Arts & Dark Naga) as a go-between (or as often a gopher/go-for). When not typing furiously he is a full time member of the Ohio Army National Guard.

Contact: FGGTroy@gmail.com

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