So, you want to work for Fat Goblin Games! As a small press publisher, we work with a diverse pool of freelance writers, many of which become Line Developers on our various products.

If you have the creativity, a strong worth ethic, and want to work with the best new talent around, maybe you are right for Fat Goblin Games!

Queries and Submissions

What We’re Looking For

Fat Goblin Games produces a lot of products on a weekly basis, some are standalone, others belong to one of our product lines. Make sure you are familiar with what we produce and the type of products we release. That gives you an idea of what we like.

But we don’t want just a rehash of something we’ve already released! We’re looking for your best stuff, meaning exciting adventures, short player-focussed rules expansions, or sourcebooks that work at the game table for both GMs and players.

What We’re NOT Looking For
No adventure paths, poetry, fiction, character write-ups, or campaign settings. All of those are great things, but for other publishers.

Fat Goblin Games holds no license to settings published by other publishers. We can and do publish official material for our own campaign settings, like Shadows over Vathak and Steampunk Musha.

Requested Manuscripts: Length and Formatting
If your query is accepted, you’ll be given a deadline and wordcount, a contract and purchase order, and our style guide.

Include your name, address, and the total wordcount on the manuscript. 

Check your manuscript for spelling and grammar, as well as for rules consistency. Our editors will be in touch, do not make their jobs harder.

Payments and Rights

Rates and payment varies depending on the content. We pay either 0.02 per word or a percentage. This will be discussed before hand and outlined in your contract.

If you’d like to be considered, please send an email with an attached sample to Fat Goblin Games.


Cartography Guidelines

Fat Goblin Games is looking for a cartographer to head up a few of our product lines. This position requires the skill to produce both large area maps and map tiles.

If you’d like to be considered, please send an email with a link to an online portfolio to the Fat Goblin Games.