vs. M Engine

vs. M Engine

Created by Philip Reed

The vs. M Engine in a slimmed-down and quick to use format. Even novice gamers will have no problem creating interesting characters, learning the rules, and starting a game. All you need is paper, pencils, a deck of playing cards, and a few friends.

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vs. Ghosts

vs. Ghosts is a roleplaying game in which players suit up to battle strange hauntings in their neighborhoods while dealing with the mundane non-believers that try to prevent you from doing your job. Be it hotels, art museums, or even the classic haunted house, ghosts need busting and to be contained. This book contains everything that you and your friends will need to play. All you need are friends and two decks of normal playing cards!

- Quick Start Rules to get you in the game in a flash!

- Bestiary of strange ghosts and other haunts to hunt!

- Plenty of adventure hooks to get you on your way to Ghost Hunting fame!

So, whom do you call when things go bump in the night? Ghost hunting with vs. Ghosts will make you feel good!

vs. Moon Men

vs. Moon Men is a roleplaying game in which players take up arms against alien invaders from another (but very nearby) world! Steal a ray gun and take the fight to them, or fight from the shadows while avoiding spies and collaborators. Fight for freedom, stay out of the way, or help the invaders (but only if you’re a jerk). From the streets of Moscow to the backwoods of Tennessee, the Moon Men are here, and somebody needs to stop them!

 To play vs. Moon Men you need at least two players (but more players means more fun) and somebody to be the Moon Master. You also need some paper, some pencils (or pens if you really like to live on the edge), and a deck of playing cards (but take out the damn Jokers). vs. Moon Men uses the vs. M Engine, a rules-light system that is easy to learn and fast to play.