5th Edition Racial Options - Kobolds!

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5th Edition Racial Options - Kobolds!

Best selling DMSGuild author Tony Petrecca (Journey Through the Center of the Underdark Volumes 1 and 2!) jumps onto the Fat Goblin Game bandwagon with his first (and hopefully not last) book in our popular 5th Edition Races line!

Kobolds are small long-snouted reptilian humanoids with a frequently nasty disposition. Physically weak, cruel and xenophobic, kobolds are often looked down upon and underestimated by other intelligent beings. This can be a fatal mistake, as the cunning creatures surprise invaders and aggressors with their abilities to defend themselves. Kobolds use superior numbers, pack tactics, sorcerous magic and their considerable skills with trap making to mount impressive defenses when their warrens are threatened.

What does this book have to offer?

- Learn more about your Draconic Heritage!
- Explore your subraces! Dragon Blooded, Pack, or the Winged Kobold!
- Check out the cool things you can do with your Trapper Kit. 4 devilish traps!
- New Feats designed to take your trapmaking skills to the next level.
- Deploy amazing magic items like the Portable Spiked Pit, Greater Staff of Trapping, Or Trap Chalk (Featured in Tony's new book, Journey Through the Center of the Underdark 2 - The Darklake Strikes Back!)

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