Basilisk Goggles & Wishing Wells - An Old School Esoterica

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Basilisk Goggles & Wishing Wells:

An Old School Esoterica

Magic items are dreams made solid. They’re among the most commonly found treasures, a way of rewarding characters for skill, luck, or derring-do, and boosting their powers or abilities. More than 570 new magic items fill the pages that follow: large installations, tiny implants, equipment, vehicles — gear for most any…idiom..., no matter whether you have steam-punky preferences; genre-bending, futuristic inclinations; or the strong desire to stay firmly in the sword and spell tradition. While many items are intended for the adventuring crowd, others have a more everyday flavor to them, a way to make your fantasy world more fantastic.

And, although they were written with Labyrinth Lord in mind, these items can easily be used in most OSR/fantasy games with little or no alteration.

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