Call to Arms: Axes and Picks

Fat Goblin Games


Call to Arms is a book line for players and gamemasters alike. Each book focuses on a different item, expanding rules for those items and adding everything from new mundane and magical examples of the item to new character options related to the item. Call to Arms: Axes and Picks not only includes new axe types and pick types, but also introduces rules for using double-headed hafted weapons like pickaxes and splitting mauls that have two different weapon heads (like a pick-head and an axe-head, or an axe-head and a hammer-head) in one weapon. Magical examples and new special weapon abilities are also introduced, including a new cursed item, new artifact and new mythic weapon. Finally, options for rogues and fighters are presented that take advantage of some of the ways axes, picks and related weapons, like the deadly misericorde, were traditionally used in battle.

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