Campaign Kits: What Lies in the Shadows Under the Trees

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Campaign Kits
What Lies in the Shadows Under the Trees

In the following pages you will find a series of ten short, encounter-based adventures which are designed to be inserted into any forested setting along the path of your existing campaign or on their own. They range from first to sixth level. Consider throwing one or more of these little side treks in as a way to spice up an otherwise uneventful forest crossing, as part of a larger structured campaign, as a short one-off, or even as a seed for a more involved adventure.

These adventures are designed with a party of four PCs in mind. Each adventure indicates the average party level that the adventure was designed for.

Campaign Kits: Fantasy Adventure Plot Points is a product line that provides short adventure plots to help aid in filling your campaigns downtime. Each Plot Point provides enough details for you to quickly drop them in your game and are perfect for creating a series of exciting side stories.

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