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CLASSifieds: Astra (New Occult Class)

Using the mind as a weapon is usually just an expression, but the astra makes it possible, using her innate psychic power to channel energies from the Astral Plane into a magical weapon. The astra is a powerful and exotic warrior who can never be separated from her weapon. She creates a weapon using mantras and by making an emotional link with her blade. The blade it’s not just materialized energy; while tapping into the Astral Plane in her mantras, the astra can get a glimpse of a deity’s weapon or even form a link with a lost soul. The astra’s own feelings and emotions form this link when she invokes a mantra.

CLASSiffieds: Astra brings you a new Occult Class that excels at battle, using psychic weapons to defeat her enemies. 

  • Create powerful energy melee weapons using the power of your mind!

  • Channel your psychic energy to protect yourself with powerful armor effects.

  • Customize your energy blades with personalized Mantras. Acid, Fire, Balance, Chaos and more are at your fingertips.

  • The Hundred Arms. Need a hand? Grow one for battle with this new archetype!

  • The Phoenix Soldier! Bond with the legendary phoenix and take your prowess to the next level with this archetype!

  • Extra Mantra, Improved Astral Step, and Unbound Astra feats enhance your Astra

The CLASSified product line from Fat Goblin Games is devoted to bringing you a new and exciting base class for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. CLASSified: Astra includes complete rules for a single class and archetypes, and an assortment of other rules to bring your characters to life.

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