CLASSifieds: Battlefield Defiler (Magus Archetype)

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CLASSifieds: Battlefield Defiler (Magus Archetype)

The necromantic arts have long been the domain of Wizards and Clerics of dark gods, who find that it is easier and often more effective to make use of a corpse for combat or menial tasks than to coerce the living into doing one's bidding. The more battle-focused Magus may also find a use for undead creatures under his control, and recently a small group of necromancy-focused Magi has been reportedly experimenting on corpses of all shapes and sizes. These Magi are experts at making use of the corpses of their slain enemies mid-battle.

CLASSifieds product line is devoted to bringing you new and exciting classes for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each product includes complete rules for a single class or archetype and an assortment of other rules to bring your characters to life.

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