CLASSifieds: Shaman of Humanity (Druid Archetype)

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CLASSifieds: Shaman of Humanity (Druid Archetype)

Some druids believe that human society has been encroaching on the natural order of the world, a cancer that destroys nature. A shaman of humanity sees things differently... he believes that humans are as much a part of nature as the forest, the sea, or the air. In fact, the shaman of humanity's belief in the natural order of humanity is so powerful that he can call upon his human heritage to grant bits of humanity to creatures of nature, creating powerful allies to his cause. The shaman of humanity's personal quest to instill a bit of humanity into the beasts of the world is his main goal when adventuring, and some members of this splinter sect of druids even claim responsibility for the creation of animal-like humanoids such as kitsune, vanara and grippli.

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