CLASSifieds: The Time Assassin (New Base Class)

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CLASSifieds: The Time Assassin (New Base Class)

A time assassin is a master of altering her personal movement through time. With her knowledge and understanding of its flux, she can pull duplicates of herself through time and space to aid her in her endeavors and see into the near future of herself and her opponents. The time assassin is a grand manipulator time and the perception of others; eventually becoming its master, allowing her to ignore the effects others may place on time.

Role: A time assassin is the master of stealth and quick elimination. With the ability to manifest multiple duplicates of herself she can quickly overwhelm her opponents. Additionally, the time assassin has the ability to move objects through time as well as increase or decrease the efficacy of creatures in select areas through the usage of temporal rifts. However, if the time assassin uses her abilities gratuitously she will quickly run herself out of resources and, thusly, her ability to affect time.

Play a Time Assassin and enjoy abilities and powers that allow you to manipulate time itself!

  • Paradox - The class feature that gives you control of the possible futures in a battle!
  • Predictive Knowledge - the powerful class feature that gives you a glimpse into the future!
  • Time Split - pull other versions of yourself into battle, increasing your odds of success!
  • Archetypes - The mysterious Time Madness and Focuser archetypes allow you to customize your build even more!

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