Fat Goblin Games Presents - The Summer Temple (Pathfinder/5e Compatible)

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What is better than free stuff? Free stuff you can use in either Pathfinder or 5th Edition rules to run a great game for your friend!  Check out The Summer Temple - By Rick Hershey (Pathfinder), Ismael Alvarez and Michael Ritter (5th Edition Conversion).  Want more free stuff and to hear about all of the cool things Fat Goblin Games is doing? Please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page!!

The Summer Temple

A Pathfinder/5th Edition 4 hour adventure for 2nd and 3rd level characters.

For centuries a small temple dedicated to the god of good has existed peacefully in an obscure, easily forgotten forest. The clerics and worshippers of the god pilgrimage to the temple every summer, each time praying that their sanctuary never be discovered.

Last month, a small band of goblins, hungry and cranky, stumbled across the temple. Within hours they had managed to slay or frighten everyone
in the temple, rapidly claiming it as their new home. After all, the goblins reasoned, why shouldn’t we settle down someplace nice? Word spread slowly that the temple existed and had been overrun and conquered.

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