Fat Goblin Travel Guide To The Frozen Tomb of the Dwarf Lord

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11/03/2014 Endzeitgeist - 3 stars!

The lost arctic tomb of the Dwarven Lord awaits you!

Welcome to the Fat Goblin Travel Guide to the Frozen Tomb of the Dwarf Lord!

Presented here is a location adventure toolbox to quickly and easily place in your next adventure. This location adventure provides an overview of the forgotten tomb, natural hazards, traps, and even creatures you can choose to use against your players. However, this location can be outfitted to fit your groups unique quests.

Use it as a sidetrek in a larger adventure.

Tie it in to a larger location in your campaign world.

Characters missed a specific item they really need, it now rests in the tomb.

Introduce new npc's, creatures, and hazards to your players.

Add your own descriptions to the map, heck . . . you can change it all!

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