Knowledge Check: 9 Funerary Rites

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Knowledge Check: 9 Funerary Rites

All lives come to an end. Different cultures and fantasy races each have their own rites, practices, and customs honoring the dead. Knowledge Check: 9 Funerary Rites offers you insight on popular practices around the kingdoms. Included in this product are the following funeral rites.

  1. Dwarven Funeral
  2. Ogre Funeral
  3. Elven Funeral
  4. A Thief's Funeral
  5. A Secular Funeral
  6. A Druidic Funeral
  7. A Gnomish Funeral
  8. Hobgoblin Annual Funeral
  9. Burial at Sea

Knowledge Check is a product line for players and gamemasters. Each book is a collection of rules and information designed to add a little knowledge to any fantasy campaign, focusing on a particular aspect of the skill system and adding depth and breadth to your play experience.

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