Sidebar #11 - The Drilled Teamwork Feat

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Sidebar #11 - The Drilled Teamwork Feat

The Sidebar product line brings you an assortment of ideas, homebrew rules, and various options from the talented pool of writers at Fat Goblin Games for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These short and low-priced products are perfect for Game Masters and Players who want to integrate unique new options to their games.

Fat Goblin Games Presents: Sidebar #11 – Drilled Teamwork Feat!

Bring new tactical options to your game with the Drilled Teamwork Feat, an option that allows you to train others for specific functions and pass on feat related bonuses to them!

While a plethora of options exist to represent almost any kind of combatant in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the fall-back method of representing the concept of a group of adventurers well-trained to work together in combat with one another is by having characters take various Teamwork feats. While this can be a viable option, many players may be reticent to permanently choose a teamwork feat that is really only useful some of the time. It also doesn’t represent as well the idea that a seasoned group of veteran adventurers could spend time preparing themselves for coming combat with a known threat (be it giants from the mountains, flying dragons, etc.). Just as a wizard with forewarning can have “just the right spell” for a given circumstances, the Drilled Teamwork feat presented here offers more martial characters a viable option for preparing for combat together.

Take your teamwork to the next level... Drilled Teamwork Feats in Sidebar #11 from Fat Goblin Games!

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