Sidebar #4 - Forbidden Knowledge and Corruption

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Sidebar #4 - Forbidden Knowledge and Corruption

There exist Things-Man-Was-Not-Meant-to-Know. Secular scholars might argue that knowledge, in and of itself, is neutral, but those who have delved the darker mysteries know better. Certain manuscripts contain knowledge so corrosive, that it is toxic to the humanoid mind. From implications of cosmic insignificance to knowledge that such insignificance may be the only thing saving us from eldritch malevolence that simply hasn’t noticed us, the further one delves into such grimly esoteric lore, the more such knowledge weighs on the mind. It frays the reader’s capacity to interact with their neighbors and slowly transforms them, drawing them inexorably into madness, damnation, or both.

The Sidebar product line brings you an assortment of ideas, homebrew rules, and various options from the talented pool of writers at Fat Goblin Games for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These short and low-priced products are perfect for Game Masters and Players who want to integrate unique new options to their games.

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