Sidebar #9 - Playing a Sidekick

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Sidebar #9 - Playing a Sidekick

The Sidebar product line brings you an assortment of ideas, homebrew rules, and various options from the talented pool of writers at Fat Goblin Games for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These short and low-priced products are perfect for Game Masters and Players who want to integrate unique new options to their games.

Sidebar #9 - Playing a Sidekick explores an interesting concept. What if you could play the familiar? The Animal Companion?

Throughout classic and modern fiction, “sidekick creatures” have been fan-favorites and come to center stage, now you can play as the sidekick, and let the humanoid be the NPC tagging along. Within you will find rules to play just that — the sidekick.You will find information on playing as a familiar, an eidolon, or even stranger creatures within. Even animal companions, with the Bonded Mount ability, get some attention (but these rules assume a certain minimum Intelligence is needed to play a sidekick as the main character).

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