The Master Player's Adventurers Journal

Fat Goblin Games


Bring your character to life!

Give them the voice you always knew they had!

Can be used with Any Roleplaying System!

There are logs that allow you to keep track of all of the crunch and data that is a Player Character. This is not one of those logs.

The Master Player's Adventurers Journal is an "In Character" record book designed to allow your character's to tell their story from adventure to adventure. Each page in the Journal, from Session Start to Conclusion and Final Thoughts allow them to chronicle, map, log, and otherwise tell THEIR story. Let them capture information about enemies and allies that may be useful in future adventures, and much more!

Place the name of the character on the front of the book, then start their story.  Look back years from now with fond memories of games that you played, all in the voice of the characters that you love. Tear out pages from the back to elaborate and expand on your stories!

Made specifically for print format (coming soon!) the digital release includes the 111 page Journal as well as Single Sheet Adobe PDF's with form fields ready for you to create your own journals!

Give your character the voice that you always knew they had, and the medium for you to hear it with the Master Player's Adventurer Journal! 

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