vs. Ghosts Adventure: The Ghosts of Pendergrass

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vs.Ghosts Adventure

The Ghosts of Pendergrass

The town of Pendergrass is an abandoned logging camp consisting of about 8-10 buildings and houses. Once a tourist stop, Pendergrass is now only visited by the scarce hiker and never for long. Local Legend says that the town was never a logging camp, and instead was a cover-up for gold mining; gold that still sits in a private vault somewhere on the grounds. But can you defeat the mad ghosts of the Pendergrass family?

vs. Ghosts is a roleplaying game in which players suit up to battle strange hauntings in their neighborhoods while dealing with the mundane non-believers that try to prevent you from doing your job. All you need are friends and two decks of normal playing cards!

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