vs. Stranger Stuff Adventure: Krampusnacht

Fat Goblin Games

$4.95 $6.95

The annual Christmas bash for the town of Crestview Hills is tonight, but its "21 and over" only, so the kids get to do a sleepover with their favorite babysitter, Jenny! You all love Jenny because she'll let you watch the R-movies and makes the best popcorn, so the whole gang is looking forward to a night without Mom & Dad around fighting, getting in your way, or killing your fun.
But tonight's bacchanal isn't like most, and the kids will be getting a visit, not from nice Old Saint Nick, but his more naughty counterpart -- Krampus.
vs. Stranger Stuff: Krampusnacht is a full module in six parts for the vs. Stranger Stuff role-playing game from Fat Goblin Games. You play as kids living in the 1980's that TV and movies would have your remember. This is one Christmas Story you're not likely to forget.
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