Goblin News

Blast from the Past- Fury of Dracula

October 5, 2015

Today was spent writing my portion of an upcoming Fat Goblin Games product so let’s do a “Blast from the Past.” Since its now October, I want to talk about one of my [...]

Sidebars, Equipment Tricks, and More!

October 1, 2015

Hello All, While the Goblin Hoarde has been unleashed upon the Shadows over Vathak Player’s Guide (see preview cover above), and I triple-double check Richard D. [...]

Blast from the Past- Richard Shaver

September 28, 2015

The madness of the derro makes them excellent antagonists in a Vathak game, especially paired with the new Occult Adventures rules. Hello! Multiple deadlines loom the next [...]

Occult Adventures Wrap Up- Ghost Hunt

September 21, 2015

Ghost Hunt follows a team of psychic investigators as they face off against the supernatural- perfect inspiration for a Vathak game. Gah! Missed last week’s inspiration [...]

Making Monsters…

September 17, 2015

Hey all! Lucus is off playing in Michigan and so while he is off gallivanting through the dreaded north The Janitor has been asked to step up and do his blog post. Dear Lord, [...]

Shaking Things Up @ Fat Goblin Games

September 10, 2015

Hello All, Both a whole-heck-of-a-lot and so-very-little going on here at Fat Goblin Games. If you’re a long time fan of ours (Like us on Facebook, read our blogs, [...]

Shadows Over Vathak- Haunts

September 7, 2015

Hello! It’s been a busy week but that’s alright, today is Sunday so let’s take another look at Occult Adventures and how to use it in your Vathak campaign. One of my [...]
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