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Lucus Palosaari Q&A LIVE Tonight (7 pm - 9 pm CST)

Lucus Palosaari Q&A LIVE Tonight (7 pm - 9 pm CST)

Hello All, Tonight, Thursday July 28th, 2016, at 7 pm Central time till roughly 9 pm Central, I've been invited to participate in an Q&A session -- which you can link any time to the chatroom here: or if you're finding this out after the fact, read the collected...

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Remembering Steven D. Russell of Rite Publishing

Steven D. Russell lost his life in a car accident; one of those events that no one can see coming, that takes away our opportunity to say goodbye to a friend. The small corner of the gaming industry that knew Steve is in shock, and many heartfelt comments and stories...

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Put simply, Fat Goblin Games makes great roleplaying game products. If your fix is Pathfinder, we've got it. Looking for some 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons action then this is your destination? Labyrinth Lord or Old School Roleplaying is right up our alley.

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